Monthly Archives: May 2013

Self-Injury Part 5 – The Addictive Nature of Self-Injury

Disclaimer – I write “Leadership Moments” for the volunteers at my church who work in the youth ministry. Each Leadership Moment is meant to equip the everyday youth worker with the knowledge and skills they need to help teens as best as they can. Because these articles are for people I know personally and meant […]

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Don’t Say “I’ll Pray for You” Unless You Mean It

You hear Christian people say it all the time: “I’ll pray for you.” “Thoughts and prayers are with you.” Person: “Please keep me in your prayers.” – Response: “I will.” If we are people true to our word, then it would seem most Christians are indeed people of prayer. But I wonder sometimes, is that […]

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Lyrical Theology: In Christ Alone (Part 7)

In Christ Alone – Newsboys (see full lyrics here) No guilt in life, no fear in death / This is the power of Christ in me / From life’s first cry, to final breath / Jesus commands my destiny / No power of hell, no scheme of man / Can ever pluck me from his hand / Till […]

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