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The Amazing Faith of Epaphroditus: 5 Words That Describe the Christian Life

Image credit: Though the “big names” of the Bible tend to receive the most attention, I have often found myself drawn to the lesser known people mentioned in Scripture. I think it’s because we know so little about most of them, yet their names are still recorded forever in God’s Word. We often make […]

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Is Speaking in Tongues Necessary For Salvation?

There are some Christians who believe and teach that in order to be saved, a person must speak in tongues, which is a miraculous ability to speak in other languages that is given by the Holy Spirit. In particular, a group known as Oneness Pentecostals have popularized this teaching. Yet I would contend that this […]

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How Can I Know Which Movies, Music, and Video Games I Should Avoid?

Entertainment is big stuff these days. Movies, music, and video games combined make up more of our lives than most of us would like to admit. They really are the dominant forces in shaping the culture around us – for good or for bad. From a Christian perspective, how are we to handle all that is offered to us […]

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