Monthly Archives: April 2015

A Simple Formula for Living the Christian Life

Every believer wants to be faithful to God, yet we all know this is no easy task. How can we break down the Christian life in a simple, understandable way? Granted, life is not usually simple. It is normally complex. But I think that as we consider how we can live out our faith day […]

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When Jesus Prays For You

I’m not sure if it’s right or wrong, but I find it to be comforting when someone I perceive to be spiritually stronger than I am prays for me. I suppose that subconsciously it feels like God is more likely to answer that prayer because of their impressive faith. That may or may not be the […]

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“Everything Happens for a Reason” – True or False?

People are divided about whether or not “everything happens for a reason”, including Christians. Some see every moment of life as part of God’s divine plan, others see much of life as random happenings. Further still, some understand life to not only be part of a plan from God but also with a specific purpose […]

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