Monthly Archives: October 2015

For God So Loved Canada That He Gave Us _________, That Whosever Votes For Him…

   Today is Election Day in Canada. For the record, I think people should go out and vote. Voting is a privilege that not everyone has, and we should not take it for granted. I think people should also get to know about the candidates and parties and cast an informed ballot. Weigh the info […]

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Why God Won’t Answer Your Prayers

All Christians struggle at one point or another with feeling like their prayer life is ineffective. I certainly know I have! There are seasons when it feels like my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling and going nowhere, or that they are simply falling on deaf ears. The Bible has a lot to say about […]

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Do Infants Who Die Go to Heaven?

There are few things in life that hurt more than the loss of a young child. As someone who has experienced this personally, I’ve had to wrestle with the tough questions that come with that kind of experience. One of the questions that come up, especially for Bible-believing Christians, is what happens to babies who die? […]

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