Monthly Archives: April 2016

5 Misconceptions About Calvinism

I grew up as a Christian with basically no exposure at all to the understanding of salvation that many people call Calvinism. When I first came across it, I thought it was borderline crazy. At first, it was so obvious to me that Calvinism was a system of false teaching that I rejected it outright […]

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The 10 Commandments of Facebook for Teens

Thou shall use Facebook as if God sees everything you do. He already does. Thou shall not connect with random strangers. The world is a dangerous place, and not everyone is who they say they are. Thou shall not spend more time on Facebook than with actual people. Nothing can replace friendships in real life. Thou shall not […]

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How to Screw Up Your Theology

  Do you treat the Bible like a tunnel, or do you treat it like a cave? When a person stands at the mouth of a tunnel, it is entirely possible for them to receive messages from the other side. If a person stands at the other end, they can speak loudly and the words will […]

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