Monthly Archives: March 2017

8 Ways to Protect Your Children From Sexual Abuse

It is the God-given responsibility of parents to protect their children as best as they can from danger. Many children suffer the horror of sexual abuse and often experience life-long trauma as a result. One of the best ways we can love them is to take practical steps to help ensure their safety. Here are some suggestions […]

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The Push and Pull of Obedience

It is no secret that God desires for people to obey him. One of the most foundational aspects of being God is the authority that comes with it over your own creation. The Bible makes no qualms about describing a Ruler of the universe who sets forth commands that he desires to be followed. It should […]

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Life Has No Life Hacks

You’ve probably seen the videos or read the articles. 15 Simple Life Hacks to Use Around the House! The next thing you know, someone has figured out how to use a paperclip to make mowing the lawn 10 times easier, or box of baking soda that gives your hair volume for double the amount of time. It might not […]

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