A Simple Formula for Living the Christian Life

Every believer wants to be faithful to God, yet we all know this is no easy task. How can we break down the Christian life in a simple, understandable way? Granted, life is not usually simple. It is normally complex. But I think that as we consider how we can live out our faith day […]

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Don’t Be a “Red-Letter” Christian

I was reading a book recently that left me very disappointed. I did not realize it ahead of time, but the author is one whom could be identified as a so-called “Red Letter Christian”, which is a semi-organized group of Christians who believe that the whole Bible is true but intentionally place particular emphasis on […]

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Cupcake Day & Discussion Recap

Every Thursday I visit one of our local high schools to help run a student ministry called ISCF (Inner School Christian Fellowship). For the last three years we have put on an event called Cupcake Day where, during lunch, we give away hundreds of free cupcakes to the students and staff. This past Tuesday we […]

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