5 Misconceptions About the Devil

Many people, including Bible-believing Christians, have a lot of wacky views about the devil that are just flat-out not true. What does the Bible really say about Satan? And what does it not say? Here are 5 common misconceptions about the devil. #1 – He is not real. In the 1995 movie The Usual Suspects, Roger […]

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3 Common Misconceptions About Hell

My previous post dealt with three common misconceptions about heaven. This time, I’ll be looking at three common misconceptions about the less-loved half of the equation – hell. Misconception #1 – Only really evil people go to hell In the minds of many, hell is reserved only for the most sinister of people. The average […]

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How Should Christians Think About Halloween?

Well, it’s that time of year again! Halloween is probably the most debated holiday among Christians, and understandably so. Believers fall from one end of the extreme to the other on how to think about Halloween – some seeing it as pure evil and locking themselves inside, and others dressing up and going door to […]

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