One of These Days My Head’s Gonna Explode

There are just certain things that drive me crazy. Most of them are silly, little things that are of no consequence—pet peeve’s, if you know what I mean. But there are other things that are important that get under my skin. Yesterday I was reminded of one. As I was casually scrolling through my Facebook […]

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Don’t Call Me Ignorant

For the first time ever, an athlete from one of the four major sports has come out publicly and announced he’s gay. Jason Collins, an 11 year NBA pro, was featured in a Sports Illustrated cover story recently to make the big announcement. News articles are all over the place, but in case you missed […]

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Why are some sins more acceptable than others?

As a Christian I believe that sin is real. God has revealed to human beings what His will is through the Bible and disobeying the will of God is sin. Everyone sins, probably multiple times everyday. Jesus is the only human (technically “God-man”) who has never, ever sinned. One obvious conclusion then is that both […]

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