Way to Go, Monty Williams!

By now you have probably seen the moving video of NBA coach and former player Monty Williams giving a eulogy at his wife Ingrid’s celebration of life ceremony, after she died tragically in a car accident, leaving behind 5 children. If not, it’s a worthwhile few minutes of your time: The powerful message of hope […]

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Wind, Dice, Fish, Plants, and Worms: What Do These Have in Common?

Perhaps you think that the collection of wind, dice, fish, plants, and worms seems like about as random a collection of things (is wind a thing?) as possible. I would tend to agree. Yet there is something that groups all of these very different things together. When one reads the book of Jonah it can be […]

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“Everything Happens for a Reason” – True or False?

People are divided about whether or not “everything happens for a reason”, including Christians. Some see every moment of life as part of God’s divine plan, others see much of life as random happenings. Further still, some understand life to not only be part of a plan from God but also with a specific purpose […]

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