Responding to Government Tyranny

In the previous two posts (see here and here), we have established a framework from Scripture for how we should view the government. To recap quickly: Human authority is not bad in and of itself God has ultimate authority He has delegated some authority to human governments Human governments serve God and people by enforcing […]

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The Super Easy Guide to Voting for Christians

We sure know how to complicate things, don’t we? When it comes to politics these days, things are a big, hot mess. It is unfortunate that many Christians are being sucked into that mess without seeming to have any unique voice or perspective on the matter that differs from that of the secular world. Christians […]

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For God So Loved Canada That He Gave Us _________, That Whosever Votes For Him…

   Today is Election Day in Canada. For the record, I think people should go out and vote. Voting is a privilege that not everyone has, and we should not take it for granted. I think people should also get to know about the candidates and parties and cast an informed ballot. Weigh the info […]

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