Why We Don’t Pray Enough

Prayer is one of those things that every Christian knows is essential, yet almost every Christian would admit that they don’t prioritize it like they should. I’ve hardly met a believer who thinks that they pray enough. We know it is important, yet prayer inevitably tends to take a back seat to other (usually less urgent) […]

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“I came from God”

It boggles my mind how many people see Jesus as merely a historical, religious figure who taught people not to judge and to love thy neighbour. To be sure, Jesus is a historical, religious figure, and he did teach about judging others and loving others. But if that is all you think of when you think […]

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Jesus is NOT Just a Good Teacher!

Probably the most common view of Jesus is that he was a good teacher. He showed up, had some good ideas, was a spiritual guy, promoted love and acceptance, and was tragically murdered. All in all he was a good person with good morals and good teaching techniques. He got his point across so well […]

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