3 Kinds of Idolatry

God created human beings as worshipers. There is something within the human heart that responds to a sight of glory with adoration and praise. This is true of both religious and non-religious people. Worship, though a religious term, is simply being devoted to someone or something. It is showing reverence and honour towards something. It […]

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Singing For an Audience of One

Worship is more than singing on Sunday mornings – it is something you do all day, everyday, in everything you do and every attitude in which you do it. Our whole lives are offerings to God, whether it is in a formal church setting or not. That said, musical worship is still really important stuff. […]

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Lyrical Theology

Over the next little while I’d like to do a series of posts using lyrical theology. Lyrical theology is, by my own definition, the truths of the God’s Word expressed in the form of music. Ideally, all Christian music should contain lyrical theology. Songs written by Christian artists should contain God’s truth or at the […]

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