Sample Youth Worker Job Description

Hands Holding Volunteer

Here is what we currently use for our volunteer youth workers as their job description. Feel free to take and use whatever you’d like!


Being an effective leader requires both character and competence. We believe having one without the other destroys the effectiveness of any leader. Competence is having the skills necessary to complete the job, and can easily be acquired. Character, on the other hand, is having the integrity that being a Christian leader requires.

Character, unlike competence, is not easily acquired but comes through walking with Jesus on a daily basis, repenting of sin, and allowing the Holy Spirit to make us more like Christ. We don’t expect perfection, but we do want our leaders to live exemplary Christian lives that youth can learn from and imitate. Below is a basic list of what we require spiritually from our youth workers.

  • A profession of faith and commitment to Jesus as Savior and Lord
  • Active participation in church life and nurturing your own Christian walk throughout the week
  • Ongoing prayer for the youth of BFC and the community
  • A humble, team-oriented attitude and willingness to follow the leadership of the church
  • A lifestyle that demonstrates Christian character, including in public and through social media


Your job in one sentence:

Help high school students become disciples of Jesus.


  • Regularly attend and contribute to youth events (weekly & special events).
  • Attend any youth leader team meetings.
  • Keep in contact with ministry leader concerning availability and issues that arise.
  • Adhere to the church’s Child Safety & Abuse Policy.
  • Build relationships with students so as to influence them positively.
  • Lead small group discussion and prayer time when required.
  • Help create a healthy atmosphere by enforcing the 4 basic rules.
  • Keep up with “Leadership Moment” material.
  • Participate in mentoring youth in 1-on-1 settings.
  • Contribute to the ministry in one other specific way, such as helping with:
      • Substitute Bible teaching
      • Planning of events
      • Preparing snacks
      • Organizing games and activities
      • Helping with media

Length of commitment:

12 months (September – August)

Time required:

Approx. 3-5 hours per week

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