12 Things That Happen the Moment You Are Born-Again


Being a true Christian is not something you can visibly see. It is an internal, spiritual reality that evidences itself over the course of time. Just because someone says they are a Christian doesn’t mean they are, but for those who truly are born again, they enjoy several immediate (and amazing!) benefits.

  1. Your sins are forgiven. Everything wrong you have ever done is removed from your permanent record. God will no longer count it against you. All debts are completely forgiven. (1 John 1:9)
  2. You are justified before God. To be “justified” is a legal term that means to be declared righteous in God’s sight. Someone might ask, how can God justify letting sinners into heaven? Answer: Because of what Christ has done, our faults are not counted against us, and therefore that decision is justified. We enjoy a right standing with God. (Romans 5:1)
  3. You are adopted into God’s family. God is Father only to those who are brought into his family. Every believer who repents and has saving faith in Christ enjoys this status, being adopted into the family of God as a beloved son or daughter. Your Dad is the King of the universe! (John 1:12)
  4. You pass from darkness to light. There are two kingdoms at war: the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. When we are born again, we pass from the rulership of the devil to the rulership of Christ. We are rescued from the domain of Satan and become partakers in God’s kingdom. (Colossians 1:13)
  5. You are filled with the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit indwells every believer, granting them faith and the power to live a new life. This is evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit, as God’s work in our lives slowly makes us more Christlike. (Ephesians 1:13)
  6. You inherit eternal life. We usually think of eternal life as something we will experience later on, but the Bible teaches that we receive eternal life at the moment of conversion. Every time eternal life is spoken of for Christians, it is done so in the present tense—meaning it is a current, not future, reality. Though our bodies will die, our spirit is alive forever, and later on will be reunited with our resurrected physical bodies. (John 3:36)
  7. You move out from under God’s wrath. As sinners, all people are under God’s just wrath. He is angry over our sin, and it offends him greatly. But through our faith in Christ, we move out from under God’s wrath to being under his eternal blessing. God becomes forever and always for us, not against us. (John 3:36)
  8. You are given Christ’s righteousness. Not only are our sins forgiven, but we are also given the righteousness of Christ. This means that the perfect, sinless life of Jesus is credited to our account. This has been called by some the great exchange, because we give God our worst and in response are given his best. (2 Corinthians 5:21)
  9. You are granted a place and reward in God’s kingdom. Though we are shut out from God’s kingdom and presence because of our sin and rebellion, through faith in Christ we can be welcomed back into it. We will forever be in God’s presence, participating in kingdom life with all of the redeemed. (Matthew 25:34)
  10. Your eyes are opened to the beauty of God. Sin clouds our vision. Because of this we see sin and think it looks wonderful, and in turn see God and think he looks boring. When we are born-again, however, the eyes of our hearts are opened and we begin to truly see God for who he really is: Creator, Father, Saviour, Treasure. (2 Corinthians 4:3-6)
  11. Your sin nature is defeated. Without God’s intervention, sin rules over us. We are slaves to its desires, unable to walk in holiness or please God at all. But through the new birth, we are new creations in Christ, and the rule of sin in our hearts is broken. Though we will continue to sin until we die and are glorified, the controlling power of sin is defeated, and we can overcome it through the help the Spirit provides. (Romans 6:11)
  12. Your salvation is guaranteed. It would be a worrisome thing indeed if all of this were given to us but was able, through some fault of our own, to slip through our fingers and be lost. But the good news is that not only are all of these blessings bought for us by the blood of Christ, they are also secured for us by the blood of Christ. No one that belongs to Jesus will ever be cast away by him. He will ensure that our faith endures to the end. (Philippians 1:6)

We certainly have much to thank God for. Take some time to meditate on these things, let it fill your heart with joy and peace and hope, and praise the God who loves you!

1 Comments on “12 Things That Happen the Moment You Are Born-Again”

  1. Hi Jeremy. Coming to Jesus was very different from the normal. My dad was an army man who fought in the Korean War so he had anger issues and my mom was a wiccan. So I was not raised christian at all. When I was 7 I had my first vision. I heard a voice thunder in my bedroom saying ” My Son died for you so that you may have life”. Then I saw in the vision of Jesus going to the cross. Then I was revealed the ‘not rightness’ in the world. I saw decay, atrophy, death a world of corruption from the original plan of G_d, basically ‘chaos’. This vision birthed a deep hunger to know who this Jesus guy is and I was led to a roman catholic church on a wednesday night, in the winter and during a blizzard. The priest there was alone doing Mass. I noticed the stations of the cross which, in picture form, telling of Jesus’s going to the cross. Theses pictures, 12 of them were on the sides walls in the church. I asked the priest, who is this guy and is he real. So I was told that Jesus is spoken of in the gospels, in the bible. That led me on the path of seeking G_d and furthering my search for Jesus. Time went on and though I was a broken vessel, lots wrong in my family life with negativity, seeing drunkenness in my parents, fightings and my mom’s book of spells that was on top of the fridge. Saw many supernatural things like ghosts and being literally attacked by them when I was young. Like feeling their presence,and seeing them,feeling cold spots in the house, terrorized in my sleep, thrown down stairs, that sort of thing. One time at church o a wednesday night while the priest was doing his mass thingy. The flames of the candles on the altar hovered way above the candles and danced across the altar. The flames were NOT on the candles but suspended in mid air and floating in the air. I just laughed because I seen so much of the supernatural. The priest later on started going to my house and talking to my parents. Later I noticed my mom put a big bible on the living room coffee table. Why, I don’t know, but though I hated reading, I really enjoyed lookiing at pictures of Jesus! Time passed and I had an operation on my lower spine when I was 13 and had another supernatural experience. When I had surgery I had a vision of hell, and Jesus was at my right hand side and said I had to make a choice. All I wanted to do was follow Jesus. Somehow I knew He was G_d’s son because I remember G_d told me so before! Basically simple faith! Anyways, Jesus then showed me G_d’s garden in heaven. The garden was perfection, but I noticed this one daisy close up. It’s petals were total perfection and the center was liquid gold in colour, and its center emanated life literally. The whole garden emanated life infact! Also in my hospital room, after the surgery, was a young man sitting in my room who had brain surgery who heard me speak through the vision or dream, I do not know which it was, but it really changed him somehow for the better. See, the young man was dying. G_d works in very mysterious ways!

    Time passed on again,and for the longest time, I hated reading and wouldn’t read the bible, It was very rare that I did, but would watch movies about Jesus.Somehow Jesus had told me as a young person to’ keep it real’ and not use religious language. So I was grounded in that very thing. To be down to earth and speak in a way people could understand.

    Eventually I did started reading the bible and it was a douay catholic bible and the Holy Spirit would change the words in it so that I could understand the principles of the bible and apply it to my life and to help others. I was given the gift of wisdom from the Holy Spirit to help young teens and my calling was to counsel young teens about Jesus and the bible in a very down to earth fashion. MInd you, I was still very much damaged good with a lot of problems and faults but G_d uses you where you are at regardless. I noticed G_d was calling teens into my circle. I just naturally attracted teens somehow. Really weird too.

    Later on I was called to help teens get out of the ‘occult’. Saw many supernatural things like shadow spirits etc and so did the teens too! When I was servicing G_d and Jesus in this capacity I had gotten attacked inside. Oppression… possession …unknown but the elim church had to cast some sort of spirit out of me. Really creepy experience all the

    After that I worked for an online ministry for about 5 years teaching biblical principles, having dreams and visions too and high spiritual knowledge. Also was given songs and parables to teach others too. It was really kewl! G_d gave me a prophetic gift so I was teaching, and learning from the Holy Spirit at the same time myself. Also at that time I became a sponge, craving the studying of scriptures. I do it all day long while my son was at school. Hours on end, I just couldn’t get enough of the scriptures. The Holy Spirit was speaking volumes at that time. Read a lot of christian books and watched a lot of sermons in those days too. Ike I said,I was a sponge! Certain books would just fall into my lap on things I needed to learn! Even the dead sea scrolls, and a bible concordence so I could learn from the literal languages of the bible. Also got a interlinear New Testament. G_d provides bigtime when one needs stuff to teach others.
    Still a mess but used by G_d regardless, though I was now learning leaps and bounds infact! One thing I noticed, it was never boring following Jesus.There were many trials in my life but I was taught to see them as opportunities and challenges to embrace in a positive fashion. G_d and Jesus were moving in them for the better! Jesus would gently correct me of my mistakes/convictions and also encourage me in things too. So I was learning spiritually. I also noticed that the Holy Spirit taught in different ways too. When I was young He taught me through tv, music, nature, people spiritual stuff.The Holy Spirit would tell me the behind the scenes stuff and biblical applications. I was a big observer of things and events. G_d definitely can speak through nature! Later on, the style of Holy Spirit teaching changed! I started getting teaching and prophetic dreams, visions. Lots on Israel for some reason which is still unknown to me at that time! Also that the bible was fluid from OT to NT, a continuous story of G_d’s plan and about Jesus. Who Jesus is aka G_d in the flesh aka G_d Son, why HE came etc.

    Then after that I had a spontaneous awakening of the kundalini aka serpent spirit. It was something I had to go through. That’s what Jesus said and He was with me through it all too. This was a 10 year process. I learned the names of the elements of it like ‘chakras, the Void, ‘monad’ which is 3 realms of buddhic, manas and atma, there is a rebirthing in the latter part of the process, there is also a very terrifying test at its end before on enters ‘arhat’ which is also called the eternal silence. You also recieve this electrifying kind of peace which has a strong power with it. You also have access to the aetheric aka as akashic records ! It is NOT the Holy Spirit though but Jesus revealed it to me that ts a ‘famliar spirit’ and it masquerades as the Holy Spirit. Very dangerous infact. New Age teaches it and is in many charismatic churches. It also very old, think ‘tree of good and evil here’. It’s in all mystery religions too like judaic kabbalah, theosophy, christian mysticism, gnosis,hindu and buddhic religions,freemasonry etc. It’s an initiation! Not a good thing! Now I try to warn others about it!

    Then a few years ago I had a stroke which killed my memory both short and long term. Again the Holy Spirit changes His style yet again! My mind is usually a blank now and can’t retain anything, even scriptures but somehow the Holy Spirit will give me parts of scripture which I then look up for understanding. Also got a calling to become a ‘watchman’ in dec 2018. (ps…I want to remain humble tho. In times past the ‘high knowledge gave me a bit of an ego trip I fell into. Don’t want to be like that again.) Times are changing drastically now. The enemy is making major moves in the globe at present. Call it the endgame or coming of the AC. It used to be very gradual before but now events have ‘quickened’ immensely. Lately Jesus has been talking more too. Lots of personal teachings and changing me for the better. Old rotten habits dying away which is good, More fruit of the Spirit stuff. at present and it’s freaking me right out! My heart was very numbed out before, though I had lots of head knowledge. I lived in my head mostly, used logic to deduce things/events around me. Was obedient to G_d, trying to observe the Law and kept screwing it up all the time, but didn’t know the Spirit of the Law and its real purpose which is that the Law shows what sin is, in fact increases sin. that in turn we can’t save ourselves, and why we need a Saviour aka Jesus. Anyways, I have this deep desire now to follow Jesus deeply and to get away from all theologies, doctrines of man and demons, traditions and rituals, and to be taught by the Holy Spirit and Jesus alone now. I can literally hear Jesus’s voice now. Never could before. It used to be more just the leading of the Holy Spirit and seeing Jesus by my side. I still get promptings, and utterances but now I hear Jesus teaching now too and that I am to share what He teaches me, and backed by the scriptures. A lot of it is personal growth stuff( without wrinkle or spot comes to mind here but it Jesus’s doing, not me. I just follow His lead) or prophetic in nature. I really think we are in the beginning birth pains of matt 24 and 5 seals of revelations. There is also a vast increase in darkness recently too in the world. I heard in Spirit that the ‘influence of the Holy Spirit has been taken from the earth ‘so I expect the AC to be revealed next. 2 thess 2) This verse rings very true to me these days…revelations 14..’.They follow the Lamb wherever he goes.’ I am also looking or being compelled to seek the Truth and understanding. I understand that Jesus is the Truth. And we worship G_d in Spirit and in Truth. I want to know more of Jesus and G_d the Father, a revelation, not just head knowledge about them I really want to know them , and Kingdom stuff. Heart stuff too. I still have lots to learn yet. Since my stroke I’m more like a ‘babe’ in Christ. Always had a passion to seek after G_d and follow Jesus but it was all head/logic stuff now I seek the heart. Make sense???

    Anyways, I’m trying not to brag here but to help reveal how G_d and Jesus and how the Holy Spirit teaches and uses people for G_d’s kingdom. It’s not about man made religion but about Jesus, a relationship with G_d through Jesus. Words are sometimes inadequate at best but it’s a journey and a process too. and I still have lots to learn yet. I leave you with this image I got in a vision… It is like a sunset, a low glow on the horizon. There are low plateau mountains all around and I’m standing on a mountain plateau overlooking a vast plain. In the center of this vast desert plain, in the middle of this plain is a huge mountain of a city which is golden in colour. It has many peaks, like many singular towers in its heights and the city shone from within immense golden light.What did I see? It’s a faint vision but sticks with me a lot somehow.

    Please take this up with the Holy Spirit for verification.

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