How to Share Your Testimony

The following is a short, step-by-step process on how to share your testimony. I created this document for people in our church who are getting baptized. It is based off of original material I found on the websites of Living Waters and Cru.


In Acts 26:1-23, the apostle Paul shares his testimony and gives a general outline of what it might sound like. His format basically was a 3-step process:

  1. What his life was like before Jesus (v. 1-11)
  2. How he became a follower of Jesus (v. 12-18)
  3. How his life has changed because of Jesus (v. 19-23)

Using this basic outline, you can build your own testimony by considering some of the following questions.

1. Describe your life before you met Jesus

What was your religious upbringing? How did you view God, Christ, the Church, and Christians? What beliefs and values did you hold to? What sins and idols were you clinging to? How did these things ultimately let you down, or cause you to feel a void?

2. Describe how you became a follower of Jesus

What were the circumstances that led you to believe in Jesus as your Saviour? What caused you to have a change of mind and heart? Where and when did these events occur? Who influenced your decision? How did you come to realize you needed forgiveness from God, and that Jesus was your only hope? What made that decision easy or hard?

3. Describe how your life has changed because of Jesus

What has changed in your life? Even if circumstances haven’t changed, how have you changed personally? How has the love of God changed your outlook on life? On death? How do you hope to continue to grow in your faith moving forward?

A Few Other Tips

  • Your testimony is about God; it is not about you. Make sure that Christ is the centre of your story.
  • Write down your testimony in full, or by bullet points, if that will help you to remember or feel calm presenting it. It’s ok to read it verbatim if you need to.
  • Share a meaningful Scripture verse if you have one.
  • Share the gospel during your testimony.
  • Try to avoid too much “churchy” language. Share your story in a way that non-religious people, or even children, might understand.
  • Don’t exaggerate your story. Let the truth speak for itself.
  • Don’t worry if your testimony seems “boring” to you. What seems boring to you might be exactly what someone else needs to hear. God has saved you, and that’s a big deal!
  • You don’t have to pretend that you have all the answers or that your life is perfect now that you’re a believer.
  • Be faithful, share what God has done, and let Him be glorified!

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