How Can I Know Which Movies, Music, and Video Games I Should Avoid?

Entertainment is big stuff these days. Movies, music, and video games combined make up more of our lives than most of us would like to admit. They really are the dominant forces in shaping the culture around us – for good or for bad. From a Christian perspective, how are we to handle all that is offered to us […]

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Lyrical Theology

Over the next little while I’d like to do a series of posts using lyrical theology. Lyrical theology is, by my own definition, the truths of the God’s Word expressed in the form of music. Ideally, all Christian music should contain lyrical theology. Songs written by Christian artists should contain God’s truth or at the […]

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How relevant is the gospel in North American culture?

We sometimes hear people use the language of making the gospel relevant. Christians know already that the gospel is relevant to all people whether they realize it or not. Evangelism is not making the gospel relevant, but rather showing people how the gospel is already relevant to their lives. There’s no debating this. So the […]

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