Where Do You Draw the Line?

People think in terms of categories. We can’t help it; it’s part of human nature. Categories help us to organize the world in a way that makes sense and allows us to (hopefully) make useful decisions within that framework. Because our minds tend to work this way, we categorize not only things or events but […]

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On Equity, Marxism, and Critical Theory

In order to assess the secular movements against racism, we must first understand the foundations of them. I finished my last post stating that the secular battle against racism springs from a desire for equity among people groups. Here I explain what that means. The term “equity” as it pertains to social conditions is essentially […]

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Why Atheism & Evolution Don’t Work For Me

One way to judge a worldview, such as Atheism or Christianity, is by asking, Can it satisfactorily explain the world around us? By this I mean, do the major points of a given understanding of existence make sense with the way things really are? Does what a system teach line up with reality? As I […]

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