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When a Christian Drummer Tours With Lady Gaga

Consider this hypothetical scenario. You are a young Christian who is in school studying for a music major. You are also an aspiring musician and desire to be a drummer by profession. You’ve got some great skills, and some doors of opportunity have opened up for you to play with some pretty high-level bands. You […]

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Jesus the Intolerant

We’re all about tolerance these days. We are demanded by the public at large to be tolerant of those who disagree with us, or fear the collective wrath of society. Of course, most of us know that tolerance never seems to operate as a two way street. When people demand tolerance, what they are really […]

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Together 2016: Pope Francis, Heat Stroke, and a Veggie Tales Rip-Off

This past Saturday (July 16, 2016) was the event that some promoted as being a once-in-a-generation event. It was called Together2016, and was essentially supposed to be a one-day event where Christians gather at The Mall in Washington D.C. for one of the largest American Christian rallies of the century. It included times of prayer, […]

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